Straight Pen Holder - black

Straight Pen Holder - black

  • straigh pen holder
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  • Speedball Standard Pen Holders measures 6½" long, and fit all standard pen points. These penholders have a soft feel that offers better c ontrol and eliminates the need for a tight grip. Made of plastic with a durable double-coated finish that is resistant to pen cleaners.

    In the “Instructions to merchant" when you check out, please indicate which nib you want.

    Blanzy 2500

    Blanzy 2550

    Brause #76 (Rose) Nib

    Brause #361 Steno Nib (Pumpkin Blue Nib)

    Esterbrook 556

    Tachikawa G Nib

    Zebra G Nib


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