oblique pen holdert - red

oblique pen holdert - red

  • oblique pen holder
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  • From the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s lettering artist’s sought the best of tools to enhance their production. Benefits of this type of penholder:
    • Fits every hand
    • Ergonomically correct fit
    • Encourages restful hand position
    • Keeps ink off of fingers
     Use the holder as a straight penholder or fit it with a brass flange to create an oblique penholder. Comes with brass flange adjusted to your choice of nib.

    In the “Instructions to merchant" when you check out, please indicate which nib you want.  Also, please indicate Right Hand  or Left Hand

    Blanzy 2500

    Blanzy 2550

    Brause #76 (Rose) Nib

    Brause #361 Steno Nib (Pumpkin Blue Nib)

    Esterbrook 556

    Tachikawa G Nib

    Zebra G Nib


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