Ebonite Milano black fine nibs
Ebonite Milano black fine nibs

Ebonite Milano black fine nibs

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    The Osprey Milano was designed with the primary purpose of being a simple no frills daily writer that balances ergonomics and aesthetics into a modular platform. The Milano was inspired by the classical vintage hard rubber fountain pens and was designed as a platform that would allow people to bring their own personal touch to make their pen unique.


    • The Pen uses an international cartridge converter system and has predictable writing characteristics. The design is extremely modular and  lends it self well to user customization. For example, you can thread off the top cap and choose whether you prefer the smooth clip-less look or whether you need a clip to carry the pen around. Thick ebonite walls provide the hand with a warm wood like feeling and give the pen a protective encasement. Cared for, this pen can easily last a couple of hundred years years and has the potential to be an heirloom.


    • Over-tightening of threaded sections and their consequent erosion can be avoided by using a small amount of silicone grease and Teflon tape.


    • The standard Milano is available with Fine and Medium nibs are tipped with platinum group metals. 14k Gold nibs customized in USA are also available.


    • Most size 6 nibs can be fitted and should work well in the Milano. Size 6 offerings from Jowo and Bock seem particularly well suited for this design. The beauty of its friction fit threaded insert will not be lost on those who notice its suitability for  calligraphy. 

    • Our standard size 6 Stainless steel nibs will be offered to come "pre-tuned".  We are proud to be working with professionals such as Mark Bacas (the nibgrinder) who will be helping us to acheive our goal of offering a tuned version of every single nib that we carry/offer on the Osprey Milano and Scholar fountain pens.


    • The Osprey Milano was used as the platform  to test and offer the Osprey Modular insert.Please note modular inserts are interchangeable between the Milano and the Scholar fountain pens.  Priority for inserts will go to existing owners  and new purchasers of the platform.


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